Rules of the game:

 The object of the game of Roulette is to guess the number on which the ball stops on the roulette wheel. This is done by closing one or more bets that cover a specified number. The wheel contains the numbers 1 to 36 and a single zero.


Types of bets:

You can place different types of bets on the "roulette table". Bets can cover a specific number or range of numbers, while each bet has its own payout. Bets that are placed on the numbered spaces in the betting area or the lines between them are called "internal bets". While the conditions that are closed on the special sections at the bottom and next to the number table are called "external conditions".


Internal conditions (INSIDE BETS):

Straight up - Place a bet on each of the numbers.

Split - Place your bet on the line between the two numbers you want (vertical and horizontal)

Street - Place your bet at the end of each desired row of numbers. A "street" bet covers three numbers.

Corner - Place your bet on the intersection of four numbers. All four numbers are covered.

Line - Place your bet on the end of two arbitrary rows of numbers at the intersection of two rows. A "linear" condition covers two-row numbers (six numbers)


OUTSIDE BET external conditions:

 Column:  Place your bet in one of the sections called 2 to 1 at the end of each column, which covers all the numbers in the row. None of the "column" conditions include the number zero.

 Dozen: Place  your bet in one of the sections called 1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12 to cover all 12 numbers next to that section.

 Red / Black: Place your bet on the red or black section to cover 18 reds or 18 blacks. These conditions do not include the number zero.

Even / odd: Place your bet on these sections to cover 18 evens or 18 odds. These bets do not include the number zero.

 1-18 / 19-36 - Place your bet on each of these sections to cover the set of the first 18 numbers or the second 18 numbers. These conditions do not include the number zero.


 Neighbor bets:

Click the "Neighbor Bet" button to open an oval playground, which allows you to place neighbor bets and other special bets more easily. You can click it again to open and close this feature. Each bet covers a different set of numbers and offers different payouts. The betting points are colored.


This bet includes 12 numbers between 27 and 33 (and the two numbers themselves) that are on the opposite side of "zero" on the roulette wheel.

The chips are arranged as follows:

1 chip on 5/8 subscribers

1 chip on 11/10 subscriber

1 chip on 16/13 subscriber

1 chip on 24/23 subscribers

1 chip on 30/27 subscriber

1 chip on 36/33 subscriber



This condition includes a set of 8 pieces in two parts of the roulette wheel that are not covered by VOISINS and TIERS.

The chips are arranged as follows:

1 chip on 1 (STRAIGHT UP)

1 chip on 6/9 subscribers

1 chip on 17/14 subscribers

1 chip on 20/17 subscribers

1 chip on 34/31 subscriber



 This bet includes 17 numbers between 22 and 25 (and the two numbers themselves) that are on the zero side on the roulette wheel.

The chips are arranged as follows:

2 chips on 3/2/0

1 chip on 7/4 subscribers

1 chip on 12/15 subscribers

1 chip on 21/18 subscriber

1 chip on 22/19 subscribers

2 chips on 29/28/26/25 corner

1 chip on 35/32 subscribers


Zero Spell or Zero:

This condition includes 0 and six numbers in the vicinity of zero on the roulette wheel:

The chips are arranged as follows:

1 chip on 0.3 subscribers

1 chip on 12/15 subscribers

1 chip on 26 (straight up)

1 chip on 35/32 subscriber


A neighbor bet involves a specific set of numbers as well as numbers that are close to them on the roulette wheel. To place a neighbor bet, click on the number on the racetrack. A chip will be selected at the location and placed on the numbers in the left and right neighborhoods. Click on the - or + circle to decrease or decrease the neighborhood set to the left and right.

Favorite & Special Conditions:


The "Favorite" option allows you to save a bet or a set of different types of bets so that you can easily use them at any roulette table next time. You can edit and save the list up to 15 custom terms with different names.


Save a custom bet

To open and close this menu, click on the desired bets button. Once you have placed your "Favorite" bet or set of bets on the roulette table, click on the "SAVE LAST BET" option from the FAVORITE BETS menu. The bet is considered, but at the same time you can choose the name you want for easy access, then by saving the SAVE button or pressing the ENTER key on the keyboard, save this bet and list it. Set "custom terms".

Place the desired bet

Whenever you want to place a desired bet during a ROUND of betting, open the FAVORITE BETS menu to see a list of all your previously saved bets. This list is available by schedule, meaning that conditions that were saved earlier are at the top of the list. By moving your mouse cursor over these conditions, you can see how the chips are placed on the roulette table. Just click on it to place any of the bets. To multiply (double, triple, quadruple, etc.) the amount of each desired condition, just click on the same condition more than once.


Rename or delete an arbitrary condition

While the FAVORITE BETS menu is open, you can delete or rename any "desired condition" by clicking the EDIT button. To rename each bet listed, first click on the gray area that surrounds the bet name. Then enter your desired name and save it by clicking on SAVE or pressing the ENTER key on the keyboard. To delete any condition that you do not want to be in your list, just click the relevant DELETE button. When you have finished editing, click the SAVE button in the upper right corner of the FAVORITE BETS menu, or the FAVORITE BETS button.



Below the second tab (TAB) of the Custom Betting menu, you can easily place the "FINALE EN PLEIN" and "FINALE CHEVAL" bets.



0 - Covers four chips of 30 + 20 + 10 + 0, each with one chip

1 - Covers four chips 31 + 21 + 11 + 1, each with one chip

2 - Covers four chips 32 + 22 + 12 + 2, each with one chip

3 - Covers four chips 33 + 23 + 13 + 3, each with one chip

4 - Four chips cover 34 + 24 + 14 + 4, each with one chip

5 - Covers four chips 35 + 25 + 15 + 5, each with one chip

6 - Covers four chips 36 + 26 + 16 + 6, each with one chip

7 - Covers three chips 27 + 17 + 7, each with one chip

8 - Covers three chips 28 + 18 + 8, each with one chip

9 - Covers three chips of 29 + 19 + 9, each with one chip



3.0 - Covers four chips 33/30 + 23/20 + 13/10 + 3, each with one chip

4/1 - Four chips cover 31/34 + 24/21 + 14/11 + 4/1, each with one chip

2.5 - Covers four chips 35/32 + 25/22 + 15/12 + 2.5, each with one chip

6/3 - Covers four chips 36/33 + 26/23 + 16/13 + 6/3, each with one chip

7/4 - Four chips cover 37/34 + 27/24 + 17/14 + 7/4, each with one chip

5/8 - Four chips cover 38/35 + 28/25 + 18/15 + 8/5, each with one chip

9/6 - Four chips cover 39/36 + 29/26 + 19/16 + 9/6, each with one chip

7/10 - Covers three chips 30/27 + 20/17 + 10/7, each with one chip

11/8 - Covers three chips 31/28 + 21/18 + 11/8, each with one chip

12/9 - Covers three chips 32/29 + 22/19 + 12/9, each with one chip



This indicator shows the recent winning numbers.

The result of the last completed ROUND is listed on the left. The winning black numbers are shown in white and the winning red numbers are shown in red.



In theory, the optimum return to player is 97.30%.


PLACE BETS Betting The

BET LIMITS panel shows the allowed upper and lower range (MAX & MIN) of betting at each betting table.

To participate in the game, you must have the minimum allowed balance in your account to be able to cover your bets. You can see your balance in the BALANCE section.

"Traffic lights" show you the current status of the game in the round you are in, the green light indicates that you can place your bet, the yellow light indicates that the betting time in this round is approaching Finally, the red light indicates the end of the betting time in this round of the game.


Chip indicator CHIP DISPLAY 

Allows you to select the value of the chip you want to bet on. Only "benchmark" chips covered by your inventory will be enabled for you.

Once you have selected the desired chip, simply click on the desired location on the betting table to place a bet. Each time you click on the betting point, the amount of your bet at that point is equal to the value of the chip you have chosen. Goes up to the allowable limit for that type of condition. When you set the highest bet limit (MAX), a supplementary balance will not be accepted for that bet, and a message will appear above your bet to remind you that you have placed the MAXIMUM bet.

Note: Please do not lower your browser or open a new tab (TAB) while betting is in progress as this will be considered as quitting the game and as a result your bets will be considered for this round of the game. It is not possible.


SPIN or spin button

Allows you and your teammates to skip waiting for bets on that round. You can click the SPIN button immediately after placing the bet. The spinner starts spinning after all players have clicked the SPIN button. If the number of players is more than a certain limit, the SPIN button will not be available and the spinner will rotate after the legal betting time expires in that round.

The DOUBLE button will be available after you place your bet. Each click on this button doubles all your bets up to the limit. Note that you must have the minimum allowed balance in your account to double the bets.

The REPEAT button allows you to repeat all the conditions of your previous round. This option is only available before the first chip is inserted.

The UNDO cancel button removes the last bet you made. You can click the UNDO button in succession, in which case your bets will be deleted one after the other from the beginning to the end. Note that you can only use this option at the legal time of betting. (Green or yellow light)

The TOTAL BET display shows    all bets placed in the current round.


Auto play AUTOPLAY

This option allows you to automatically repeat certain conditions for specific times. To start an automatic game, place your bets on the betting table as usual and then click the AUTOPLAY button.

The AUTOPLAY panel then opens, allowing you to specify the number of times you want to play automatically. Click on the corresponding slider (SLIDER) and by moving it, select the number of times and click the START button. The range of the automatic play area is displayed in the AUTOPLAY panel. (For example, a total of 200,000 Tomans betting x 10 automatic rounds selected by you = 200,000,000 game range ceiling)

Auto play continues until the selected number of times is completed or canceled by the user. It will not be possible to double or double the bet while the game is running automatically. Doing so will stop the automatic play. You can see the remaining time of the automatic game by looking at the AUTOPLAY screen. You can also easily end the auto game at any time by stopping AUTOPLAY.



You can talk to the dealer and other players. To do this, enter your message in the CHAT section and press the ENTER key on the keyboard. Click the CHAT button to enlarge or close the chat window. You can also zoom in and out of the chat window.


GAME NUMBER game number

Each round of the game is marked with a unique number. This number is taken from the start of the desired round. Save this number if you want to track your game through support.



The volume button mutes and unmutes all game-related sounds. Note that if the game table is changed, the sound will turn on automatically. You can apply the sound changes via the volume button in the SETTING menu.


GAME HISTORY game history

This option opens a window that shows all the rounds you bet on and the result.

You can see your past games as follows:

ACCOUNT HISTORY Account History - Shows all your game history with a list of dates, games, bets and refunds. This list is sorted by bet date and recent bets are at the top of the table.

GAME HISTORY Game history - Whenever you select a specific game from the GAME column, its game history is displayed.



This button opens a menu of user-editable settings. The settings you want will be applied immediately and saved in your account. The saved settings will be applied automatically to your account by any means. You can change the general settings of the game via the SETTING button. The settings are sorted by several tabs in the SETTING menu.



You can hide / show the conversation of other players (HIDE / UNHIDE).



Your image quality is adjusted automatically, while you can change the image quality for a specific video.



You can mute the dealer sound and the game sound through the corresponding buttons.


Troubleshooting ERROR HANDLING problems

If there is any problem in the game, including the betting system or the game process, the game round is temporarily stopped and the dealer follows up with the relevant manager. You and other players will be notified via chat or message on the screen that the item is being tracked. If the manager manages to resolve the issue immediately, the game round will be followed as usual, and if it is not possible to resolve the issue in an instant, the game will be canceled and the bet amount will be reopened to the players who participated in the game. Will return.


Disconnection rules

If you lose contact with a game, any bets placed will remain valid on your betting table in your absence. After making an internet call, you can review the result of your bet in the history section.


More games

The LOBBY lobby button can be used at any time of the game if it is active. This option allows you to easily change your game table at any time or select any other live game. You will not be removed from your current table until you select the desired table. This way you can while on

Play on your desk See other games via the LOBBY button.


Simultaneous games

If you enjoy uninterrupted excitement, you can play up to four different games at the same time and watch all of these games on your screen at the same time. Click LOBBY when you are connected to at least one game. In the lobby or game section, click on the + TABLE related to the game you want to add to it. Some game tables may not be available for "simultaneous play" and you may not see the + TABLE option next to them. Once you've connected to multiple game tables, you can resize your entire browser, but you won't be able to resize each game individually. You can exit any of the games without affecting your other games. Click the X button to exit a game table.


please pay attention:

If you log in from another device / browser to the desktop you are currently connected to, you will be automatically logged out of your previous device / browser. If instead of clicking on the + TABLE option, you click directly on a game table, instead of adding the desired table to your games, you will actually only connect to that game.

- We suggest you to select the number of games for "multi-image" in order to bet accurately and calculated, taking into account the capacity of your screen.


SHORTCUT KEYS Shortcut Buttons

These buttons help you to quickly perform game-related operations.